Strategic Advisory Services

  • Strategy Development – transformation, digital, technology
  • Whole-of-government service delivery reform, digital, technology strategy and policy
  • Board Advisory Services
  • Policy development and review
  • Organisation and service redesign for digital
  • Winning government digital, technology and transformation programs

 Strategic Assurance Services

  • Strategy Reviews and Assurance
  • Program Reviews
  • Strategic Audit
  • Capability Reviews
  • Gateway Reviews

 C-Suite Programs and Executive Advisory and mentoring on technology, digital, innovation and transformation.

 Enterprise Capability Services

  • ERP strategy development
  • ERP business cases
  • ERP procurement plans
  • Bid management to software and services vendors bidding for ERP projects
  • Advice to industry on bidding for ERP projects
  • Tender evaluation
  • Business transformation in supply chain and enterprise asset management
  • Advice and assistance with selection of consulting partners for ERP projects.
  • Strategies for dealing with software vendors and systems integrators
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) services on enterprise business processes and software for asset management, supply chain, project management, and integration of these into corporate finance and HR.
  • Review and audit of enterprise software implementation projects
  • Advice to government and industry on ERP

 Industry and Government engagement

  • Credentialing and positioning industry bids for government digital and technology initiatives
  • Business development and value proposition for government digital and technology initiatives

 Presentations / Lectures / Workshops

  • Conference / academic presentation
  • Lecture series

 Thought Leadership

  • Position papers
  • Concept and white papers
  • Articles

 Research Services

  • Commissioned research