• Online Safety on the Edge.  Panel discussion “Human vs Machine: Why We Need Both”.  A discussion on how technology and artificial intelligence changes the consumer expectations and behaviour.  Conference convened by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner Australia and Netsafe New Zealand.  November 2017. Sydney
  • Australian Senate Inquiry into the Delivery of Outcomes Under the National Disability Strategy to Build Inclusive and Accessible Communities.  Presented by Marie Johnson, as a Director of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).  A perspective on the role of technology innovation to the achievement of accessibility and inclusion outcomes. Published in the Parliament of Australia Hansard.  Hearing date 1 November 2017. Canberra
  • IAPA Conference.  “Putting a Face onto AI”.  Keynote presentation on the co-creation of Nadia, the world’s first empathetic digital human for service delivery, and the impact on brand, reputation and performance at the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia Annual Conference. October 2017. Melbourne
  • NSW Public Service Commission (NSWPSC).  “Leading Digital Transformation”.  Panel discussion at the NSW Leadership Academy, which is a whole-of-government initiative run by the NSW Public Service Commission and governed by the Secretaries Board.  August 2017. Sydney
  • Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).  “A Call to Action”.  Keynote presentation to the AIIA Health Special Interest Group on the changing economic dynamics, assistive technology and artificial intelligence.  August 2017. Sydney
  • Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA).  “Five Digital Lessons We Learned the Hard Way.” I facilitated this panel discussion with senior leaders who have led major and public digital transformations.  At IPAA NSW State Conference “Innovating, Emulating and Enabling – How Digital Transformation is Changing Public Sector Skill Sets.  June 2017.  Sydney
  • TransTasman Business Circle.  “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.  Panel discussion with Soul Machines and FaceMe at the TransTasman Innovation Circle on the impact of AI on business.  May 2017. Auckland, New Zealand
  • World Wide Consortium (W3C) Conference.  “Nadia: The Story. Conversations without Barriers”.  This is the story of the co-creation of Nadia, the world’s first empathetic digital human for service delivery.  Presented at W3C Conference in Perth, the first time in 20 years that W3C Conference had been held in Australia.  April 2017. Perth
  • New Zealand CFO Conference. “The Perfect Storm – or Phase Change”.  Keynote presentation at the NZ CFO Summit on the impact of artificial intelligence on the role of the CFO.  March 2017. Auckland, New Zealand
  • Telstra-Cisco Public Sector Leaders.  “The Story of Nadia and the Application of Empathetic Digital Humans to Service Delivery”.  NextGov2017 – Inspiring Transformation Forum convened by Telstra and Cisco, via telepresence around Australia.  March 2017. Canberra
  • Public Sector Network.  “The Perfect Storm: Digital Disruption and the Unstructured Era”.  A view of the world in 2025 with the most profound changes to the way we live since the Industrial Revolution.  Is government ready for the coming wave of creativity?  Presented at the Public Sector Innovation Summit.  March 2017. Canberra


  • Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS).  “The Future has Changed”.  Keynote presentation on the impact of artificial intelligence and empathetic systems on the economy and service delivery in particular.  December 2016. University of Wollongong
  • TelstraConnected Government Expert Panel.  As part of the Telstra Centre for Innovation in the Public Sector, this was a filmed panel discussion with experts in public sector innovation, including the former White House CTO.  September 2016. Sydney
  • IBM Chairman and CEO “Think Forum”.  “Out-thinking Social Services”.  The “Think Forum” is the signature event of the IBM CEO and Chairman Ginni Rometty.  This was a discussion on how the avatar capability with IBM Watson as the cognitive platform could transform the delivery of social services.  June 2016.  Sydney
  • IBM Forum. “Boundless Digital Innovation”.  Presentation to IBM on National Disability Insurance Scheme, exponential accessibility, and artificial intelligence. June 2016.  Canberra
  • Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).  “Implementing a Technology Accessibility Vision”.  Keynote presentation: The National Disability Insurance Scheme and new markets for assistive technology. March 2016. Melbourne


  • TechNet2015.  “Rise of the Platforms: Interfaces Intelligence & Digital Disruption.” Keynote presentation at TechNet Building on Innovation Conference. December 2015. University of Technology (UTS), Sydney
  • GovInnovate Summit. National Disability Insurance Scheme: “Driving Innovation in Accessibility”.  Presentation to the GovInnovate Summit. November 2015. Canberra
  • AIIA-NDIA Forum.  “NDIS – Industry Briefing on Technology Directions”.  Presented at the AIIA Health Special Interest Group.  This was an industry briefing of the technology innovation futures including avatars, emarket and immersive virtual life environments. November 2015.  Sydney
  • NDIS New World Conference.  “NDIS Assistive Technology Innovations, Avatars and eMarket”.  The NDIS New World Conference was a three-day technology innovation conference in Brisbane bringing together disability entrepreneurs and world leading thinkers and technologists to push the boundaries of technology thinking and accessibility.  October 2015. Brisbane
  • AIIA Forum.  “Regional eHealth and Digital Innovation”.  Keynote presentation to the Geelong region health and business incubators on the economic potential of assistive technology and artificial intelligence.  October 2015.  Geelong Victoria
  • Australian Computer Society (ACS).  “Digital Disruption in Government”.  At the ACS Canberra Annual Conference, this presentation explored what the world might look like in 2025, and how will governments respond.  September 2015.  Canberra.
  • Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). “Big Data – Rise of the Platforms”.  Presented at the ANZSOG Opening Government Conference: Transparency and Engagement in the Information Age. August 2015, Melbourne
  • IDNext 2015.  “Digital Identity in Australia”.  Author Marie Johnson.  Presented at The European Digital Identity Event 2015 – “IDnext’15”, Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands). IDNext Conference in association with the (Dutch association of civil services). April 15-16, 2015.  Amsterdam
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).  “Dealing with digital disruption – new markets and the Australian Consumer Law”.  Digital disruption is changing the way markets operate – and there are questions about whether the current consumer protection laws can sufficiently protect consumers or if existing industry regulation is being bypassed.  Expert panel discussion at the ACCC 2015 National Consumer Congress “Preparing consumers for the future, today”. March 2015. Sydney


  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). Asian and Pacific Conference on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: Beijing+20 Review. “ICT, e-Government and Women’s Empowerment.”  November 2014. Bangkok, Thailand
  • Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management (CAPAM) Conference.  “A Tale of Two Countries: the Digital Disruption of Government.” This paper is a comparative review and discussion of the “e-government” / online programmes of Australia and the UK over the past 15+ year. Published by CAPAM.  Authors: Marie Johnson and Dr Jerry Fishenden. October 2014. Presented at the CAPAM 2014 Biennial Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • APEC TEL 50 eGovernment Roundtable.  Digital Disruption:  “eGovernment in Australia and Implications for the Machinery of Government”. 1 October 2014, Brisbane
  • CeBIT in support of GovInnovate Conference. Digital Disruption: An Interview with Marie Johnson.   In this interview, I speak about forms of disruption – unpredictable and predictable. Sydney
  • Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) NSW Conference.  “Views from the Fringe”. 17 July 2014, Sydney
  • Australian National University (ANU) International Girls in ICT Day.  “Think Big and See Things Differently.” April 2014.  ANU Canberra
  • Digital Government Conference 2014.  “In the Year 2025 – or Before this Decade is Out”. This presentation looked at macro trends and the digital era and the digital disruption of government; cloud computing and digital technologies driving disruption across industries – government is not immune; Government service delivery scenarios in 2025, disruptive, transformative and achievable.  March 2014. Canberra
  • Public Sector Reform and Transformation Forum 2014.  “Digital Disruption:  Government Service Delivery Transformation in the Digital Era – Making it Happen.” February 2014. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Holocentric Conference 2014“Digital Disruption: Cutting through Complexity, Risk and Red Tape in Government Service Delivery Transformation”. March 2014. Sydney


  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Technology in Government Summit 2013. Next Generation ICT: “The Challenges of Securing Gov 2.0.” July 2013. Canberra
  • Technology in Government Summit 2013. “Data & Digital: Government Service Delivery Transformation in a Global Environment”. July 2013. Canberra
  • Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) Canberra Managers Forum. “Data & Digital: Government Service Delivery Transformation in a Global Environment”. June 2013. Canberra 
  • CeBIT Australia – eGovernment. “Data & Digital: Government Service Delivery Transformation in a Global Environment”. May 2013. Sydney 


  • Gov 2.0 – Delivering a More Open, Transparent and Consultative Form of Government. “Reinventing Government – A Look to the Future”. October 2012. Canberra
  • FutureGov Summit Australia. “Delivering Better Services. Global Technology Outlook. Future of Service Delivery”. September 2012Canberra,
  • Trans Tasman Business Circle. “The Long Tail and the Marathon – Philanthropic Partnerships between the Public and Private Sectors”. August 2012. Canberra
  • Ernst & Young: Women with Ambition Networking and Mentoring Forum. “Life, Leadership and Career”. June 2012. Canberra


  • Trans Tasman Business Circle. “Design, Innovation and Interconnectedness – Signs of Disruption in Service Delivery Design”. September 2011. Canberra
  • Smart Government Conference. “DIAC Client Services Transformation – Innovation Insights from History, Clients and Thought Leaders”. September 2011. Canberra
  • L21 Public Sector Conference. “DIAC Client Services Transformation – Architecting a New Business Model for Global Client Centric Service Innovation”.  May 2011. Sydney


  • Women in Information and Communication (WIC) – a not for profit mentoring and networking forum for women. “An Alternative Path – No Such Thing as “Can’t”. A Personal Perspective on Life and Leadership. December 2010. Canberra
  • Commonwealth Association for Public Administration & Management (CAPAM) 2010 Biennial Conference. “The Changing Relationship between Governments and Citizens – Service Delivery Transformation”. 18-20 October 2010. Malta


  • Technology in Government & the Public Sector Summit. “Building a Human Services Architecture”. August 2009. Canberra


  • The Economist Forum. “The World is Flatter – Is Your IT Value Chain? Lessons from ‘joined up’ global shipping and the adoption of standards for ‘joined up’ Government services”. April 2008. Shanghai, China


  • Trans Tasman Business Circle. “Innovation – A Public Service Imperative”. May 2007. Canberra
  • RSA Conference. “Access Card Program – Designing Security into Service Delivery”. Requested by the then Minister for Human Services Joe Hockey, to present on his behalf. February 2007. San Francisco, USA

2005 – 2006

  • Microsoft company presentations. US Federal and state governments; Puerto Rico, UK, Canada, Brazil, France, Denmark, Italy, India and Indian states governments, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and Australian state governments, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Japan, China, South Africa, emerging African economies, Portugal, Iraq, Kuwait, Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, Switzerland, several Eastern European countries; tourism, postal, and revenue organisations; and Microsoft technology partners globally


  • Microsoft Global Government Leaders Forum. “The Business Entry Point – Socio-Economic Aspects and Opportunities for Replication”. November 2004. Singapore
  • United Nations – Asian Development Bank. “The Business Entry Point – A Case Study in Multi-Jurisdiction eGovernment”. June 2004. Bangkok, Thailand


  • Microsoft Regional Exchange. “Business Entry Point and eGovernment Strategy”. October 2002. Hong Kong
  • Microsoft Global Government Leaders Conference. “The Business Entry Point – A Case Study in eGovernment”. April 2002. Seattle, USA


  • Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC), May 2001. Tokyo, Japan


  • Coles Myer. “E-Business Trends and the Impact on Internal Service Providers”. April 2000. Mt Eliza, Victoria


  • Melbourne Business School MBA classes ‘Electronic Commerce’ and ‘Business Value of Information Technology lecture. “Electronic Commerce and Government: A Case Study of the State Revenue Office of Victoria”.
  • International Business School Consortium. “Case Study of Online Service Delivery in Government”. Professionally filmed, this presentation was delivered as part of an executive development program for PriceWaterhouseCoopers partners internationally, managed by the Melbourne Business School in a consortium with the London Business School and INSEAD (France). October 1999