Digital Disruption – the Dawn of Augmented Retail

What Happens When Retail Becomes Software?

 Retail hasn’t really been disrupted…yet.

And the model is not broken…enough…yet.

In some areas, the retail industry and supply chain has been made more efficient, but mostly with online models mimicking the physical model.

Mimicry is not disruption.

We have been lulled into thinking that this online mimicry is actually disruption.

Mimicry and the digital veneer is evident in all industries and sectors…

Well the tidal wave of disruption is about to hit. When the retail industry becomes software, the economics of the industry transform beyond efficiency.

When the retail industry becomes software, policy decision makers will have unprecedented policy options – software for the first time will itself will become a policy lever. Will government and industry understand and grasp this opportunity?

Digital Disruption – Dawn of Augmented Retail by Marie Johnson