Digital Humans in Healthcare @ The Cucalorus Film Festival Nov 2019

I was thrilled to speak about “AI powered Digital Humans in Healthcare” at the 26th annual Cucalorus Festival which took place November 11-15, 2020 in Wilmington, North Carolina. This is a little promo video I did for Cucalorus ahead of the conference.

Al Johnson, digital human cardiac coach patient number one and who wasn’t able to travel to Wilmington, introduced the presentation via this video from Canberra Australia.

Cardiovascular disease and health illiteracy is a deadly combination affecting many millions of people globally. Disadvantaged communities, people with disability, and women suffer disproportionately.

I spoke about what I see as a moon shot, the “humanitarian revolution” where digital humans are part of an augmented health ecosystem: helping patients and reducing staff burnout. AI digital humans overcoming the gatekeepers of literacy and privilege, through empathetic conversations and support at any time, in cardiac care and literacy for everyone.

Background: Cucalorus was founded in 1994 by the underground filmmaking collective Twinkle Doon. Cucalorus is a multi-disciplinary arts organization supporting emerging and innovative creative professionals through the annual film, stage, and Connect Conference, a residency program, a community cinema and an extensive community engagement program.

Cucalorus Connect explores the intersection between creativity, technology, and humanity. This two-day gathering brings people together to discuss what kind of future we could build if we use innovation and technology to expand our sense of humanity. The 2019 conference features leading thinkers on health, finance, startups, coastal resilience, racial justice, and so much more.